A short journey along the footseps of the great artists that have immortalized the natural and architectual wonders of the Riviera.

Monet e Dolceacqua

Monet and Dolceacqua

From the beautiful Museum of Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera, the residence in Riviera of the Queen of Italy, a place she loved and where she died in 1926.
The Villa Musuem houses today the works of great Ligurian artists of the VI and VII century  and a permanent exhibition of selected pieces of the Terruzzi collection. In the city of the palms you can make a trip backward through the paintings of Monet along the luxurious Via Romana, the historic center and Villa Pompeo Mariani – the artist who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth  century, is considered as one of the greatest artists of seascapes. 
To then continue for Dolceaqua, village that has received the orange banner, standing out as one of the most villages in Italy, where the great master of Impressionism, immortalized the medieval bridge, defining it as a jewl of  lightness, and the ruins of the castle. Monet was enchanted by this corner of Western Liguria and he reproduced its crystal clear brightness in many of his paintings.